Luxurious Train Journey to Borobudur: A Unique Experience in Indonesia


A unique experience in Indonesia. Indonesia’s newest luxury train journey, “The Journey Through Java by Train,” offers travelers a unique opportunity to explore Javanese culture while en route to the famed UNESCO-listed Buddhist site, Borobudur.

A seven-hour train ride through stunning landscapes offers an alternative to a quick flight to Yogyakarta. It’s an experience exclusively available to guests staying at Amanjiwo, an Aman Resorts property in Central Java.

A Unique Luxury Rail Experience

Operated by KAI Wisata, a subsidiary of Indonesia’s state rail operator, this is Indonesia’s first and only luxury rail experience. The journey begins in Jakarta, the capital, and ends in Yogyakarta, known for its rich Javanese arts and culture. The train offers an Aman-style experience with onboard staff serving luxurious breakfasts and lunches, inspired by traditional Javanese attire.

Immersive Learning

One of the highlights of this journey is the presence of Amanjiwo’s resident anthropologist, Patrick Vanhoebrouck. He provides valuable insights into the region, offering knowledge about the mystical land of Java, its cultural influence on places like Bali, and spiritual, architectural, and artistic aspects. The lectures build a sense of curiosity and cultural respect, enriching the travelers’ experience.

Anthropologist’s Insight

Originally from Belgium, Vanhoebrouck settled in Yogyakarta in 1997, initially working in the furniture and antique exporting business. However, his fascination with Javanese culture led him to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in anthropology. Central Java’s landscape is dotted with sacred sites, and Vanhoebrouck, as an anthropologist specializing in Javanese spiritual culture, enhances guests’ understanding of this spiritual playground.

A Scenic Journey and Borobudur

Travelers on this journey are treate to breathtaking landscapes—rice fields, tropical forests, rolling hills, volcanoes, and rivers—as they listen to Vanhoebrouck’s stories. Upon arriving at Amanjiwo, guests are equipped with the knowledge neede to appreciate the historical attractions surrounding the area.

Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, is the highlight of this experience. Just an eight-minute drive from Amanjiwo, this ancient open-air Buddhist site covers over 2,500 square meters. Built in the 8th and 9th centuries, it features a pyramidal structure with three main tiers, five concentric square terraces, and a monumental stupa on top.

The Journey Through Java by Train offers an enriching way to experience Javanese culture and visit the world-renowned Borobudur temple, making it a unique and memorable travel option in Indonesia.