Tourist Spots Near IKN, From Goa Tapak Raja to Mangrove Forests

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The Growing Allure of IKN: How Five Different Places Work Together

The government is working hard to create a lot of unique tourist spots in the middle of National Capital (IKN) Nusantara. Five places that are doing well are adjacent to IKN. They are Goa Tapak Raja, Mangrove Center Mentawir, Gunung Parung, Air Terjun Tembinus, and Bukit Bangkirai. And then, let’s learn more about the magic of two places Kumparan recently talked about as places to visit.

Tapak Raja: The Adventure Capital of Goa

Goa Tapak Raja, which is 31 kilometers away and is in Wonosari, Sepaku, Penajam Paser Utara, looks like a fun place to visit. A 200-meter path winds through a quiet forest, making for a memorable experience.

The cave’s royal name, Goa Tapak Raja, comes from the beautiful stalactites and stalagmites that can found inside. New and exciting things are being built right now, like a food court and a flying fox.

Muhsin Palinrungi, who is in charge of culture, tourism, and the creative economy, says that they plan to build a bike path and a swimming area soon with the help of money from outside the country. And then, the goal of these groups working together is to boost the tourism industry and make Goa Tapak Raja a must-see place.

We are lucky to have the Mentawir Mangroves

The strange mangrove scenery of the Mangrove Forest Mentawir can be seen from Titik Nol Nusantara, which is about 42 kilometers away. Furthermore, you can enjoy the mangrove forest and a walk of Balikpapan Bay for just Rp 10,000.

The trip shows a rich mix of local plants and animals, from the unusual proboscis monkeys to the strange Kalimantan birds. Tourism Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) handled mangrove goods and sold them to tourists. These are a great way to end the trip. You can buy things made from mangroves, like coffee, syrup, and tea. Lamale, the leader of the Pokdarwis, is afraid that the COVID-19 pandemic and the creation of IKN will make fewer people want to visit the Mangrove Forest, even though it is a beautiful place to be.

Lamale hopes that IKN will help the Mangrove Forest become more well-known across the country as a place to visit. Because there is a clear plan to use the Mangrove Forest Mentawir’s huge potential, Muhsin is sure that development work will keep going.

Muhsin thinks that these places have a lot of untapped potential, but he stresses how important it is to improve tourist spots that are already popular. The plan is to start wellness tourism projects in the Core Government Center Area (KIPP) by 2025. To get investors, people will actively sought after to build man-made sites that match the natural beauty of the area. And then, the main goal as these plans come together is to show IKN as a complete tourist spot that can satisfy a lot of different interests. Both of explorers and nature lovers always drawn to Indonesia’s unique and varied landscapes by IKN’s resonating music of hidden wonders.