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Below is what our Customers' says, all about their Cycling tour or Bike tour experience with us. If you had a great experience with us, please don't hesitate to write your review here, it will help another traveler to find an exiting and unforgettable tour with us.
Great day out! really interesting, guides were really friendly and helpful. food was great too. Quality of bikes were good enough.
Date of Posting: 6 Jul 2010Posted by: Mr/mrs Awson gilchristLocation: Scotland
Great way to see Bali , guides were great and a lovely lunch at the end, thanks!
Date of Posting: 5 Jul 2010Posted by: Mr/Mrs jennifer dean & jake randallLocation: New Zealand
Nice ride! crew was really nice, they made me feel like a princess! scenery great. would so do it again. perfect services, good food.
Date of Posting: 2 Jul 2010Posted by: Miss MarinaLocation: Netherlands
This was fabulous. we lived here in Bali 5 years. this was the best nasi campur we eaten. we like ride was great, loved it. Komang + Wayan were so friendly + attentive + Made is the best. Best fun in Bali in a long time.
Date of Posting: 2 Jul 2010Posted by: Mr/Mrs Marsha clanyLocation: USA
It's nice trip for me wonderful! The guide's explanation is very good. the country side is very beautiful. very nice!
Date of Posting: 10 Dec 2009Posted by: Mr/Mrs Ah reum huang and jeon mi kyoungLocation: South Korea.
really nice trip, what a very good staff all ways attentive and sympathetic.
Date of Posting: 7 Dec 2009Posted by: Miss sandra Ferrerra.Location: Portugal
Amazing trip! Great drivers, guide and delicious food!! Overall a perfect day
Date of Posting: 7 Dec 2009Posted by: Zandra PernilaLocation: Sweden
Everything was really good organized, learned a lot and saw the countryside Good tour guide
Date of Posting: 7 Dec 2009Posted by: Emma Larsson Markus ItenningssonLocation: Sweden
The best to see countryside, get fit, meet new people and nice tour guides everyone should try it I recommend!
Date of Posting: 2 Dec 2009Posted by: AdamLocation: Australia
It was a wonderful way to view the countryside!! the locals are very friendly and the guide is excellent :D no dog bit me either!! It was a great trip, Thanks very much!
Date of Posting: 2 Dec 2009Posted by: Kathleen Cowen/ Chris ChowLocation: Canada
We have had a nice day Nice people and very good organization The lunch was enak sekali terima kasih!
Date of Posting: 2 Dec 2009Posted by: Mr. Ad Van Bergen and Thea KrolLocation: Netherland
Wouldn't have come if we knew it was going to pour rain all day, but it made it so much fun, memorable and different. Had heaps of fun, good tour guide, professional service, good food and hot tea. Dying for hot shower now!
Date of Posting: 2 Dec 2009Posted by: Mr/Mrs Belinda Vacchio and Robyn WhitehillLocation: Perth, Australia
A great afternoon - despite the rain! The scenery is really beautiful the lunch terrific. The ride was quite easy and we were given good rain jackets which helped. Very good knowledge from our guide and very friendly.
Date of Posting: 9 Aug 2009Posted by: Mr/Mrs Lisa and LukeLocation: Australia
Thanks for the day. was great to see Bali from a different side! Made was a great tour guide! Thanks alot. Bagus sekali.
Date of Posting: 7 Aug 2009Posted by: Miss Kate TaylorLocation: Australia
Fantastic day!! Bagus sekali! our guide Made lucu! Great way to see the "real" Bali! village kids gorgeous and lunch at the end enak sekali. Highly recommend it!
Date of Posting: 2 Jul 2009Posted by: Miss Jacqvie LesserLocation: Australia

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